World Tour Beach Volleyball Tutorials: 3 Blocks, Set the Hitting Arm, Hit on 2


Hey everybody and welcome to another Better at Beach video analysis. This is a match showing beach volleyball pros Mark Burik and Tri Bourne playing against Brazil but did you know you can get your game analyzed by real pro's right here?! If you've ever wondered how  an AVP or World Tour player would fix your game, looking no further than our one on one online beach volleyball coaching. We guarantee you will have a deeper understanding of beach volleyball strategy.

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We have about a minute of clips here and we just want to go through the details of each point with you and see if we can pick up some new skills, new tips, and discover how the pros are doing it.

In this video we take a look at what goes into scoring points in beach volleyball at the World Tour level. This is one of my qualifier matches in 2016 in Rio. I’m playing with Tri Bourne against a young but physical Brazilian team. I keep these videos short and to the point. My hope is that you can bring some of the thought processes to your own game and see just a little more success. PLEASE, LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and ask questions. Also, write some ideas for future videos and I’ll do my best to cover them. I hope you enjoy the free lessons.

See if you can apply these to your own beach volleyball game. Follow along and good luck! I hope you enjoy the video. If you want more, be sure to subscribe to Mark’s YouTube channel, follow us on Instagram and on Facebook @markburikbeachvolleyball or @betteratbeachvolleyball

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Below is the transcript of the beach volleyball video above:

Hey everybody, and welcome to the VolleyCamp Hermosa video analysis. I have about a minute of clips here and I just want to go through the detail of each point with you and see if we can, uh, pick out some new skills, new tips, see how the pros are doing it, and uh, see if you can apply it to your game. So all along and good luck. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you want some more of this, be sure to subscribe to my beach volleyball YouTube channel. Follow us on Instagram and on Facebook at Mark Burik beach volleyball or VolleyCamp Hermosa let's get it started.

All right, so this is me and Tri Bourne playing against Brazil. All right, we see that serve goes to Tri on the left side. Now as he's lining up most left sides, most right-handed left sides want to come in at an angle so you can see, try starting his approach with his right foot on my set contact. My job is to leave it here anywhere inside his right shoulder so that I can accelerate his momentum and hopefully give him some power options. So if I do my job, that set should fall about right in there or somewhere inside of that. So we'll see if I do that. Yeah, so it comes inside the blocker does not keep up with Tri. So right now that blockers left a good amount of angle, probably too much. And if you see where this contact point is, he's only blocking up to maybe a third of the court down this sideline.

So he's blocking a very tiny piece of the court and he needs to get more in front of Tri if he's going to be successful in this match. So that leaves Tri basically a runway to detonate cross here and that's what he does. Okay. Next point. Same thing. Um, if these guys are playing with a similar style, this set should be led inside of the right arm. Okay. Notice where Tri's standing. He is trying to get right in the middle of this guy's shoulder here. Number two's shoulder. So he's anticipating where this hitter is about to go and then he's trying to position himself there. Also, if you see him paying attention, he's watching the setter here to make sure that the setter cannot attack, right? Tri should by the time we start blocking Tri should have his chest right down the middle of that shoulder.

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Um, he doesn't quite do that but he does close the line down with his hands. So notice that his hand, his right hand is taking up to the corner of this court. That should be good enough for most players. I think most blockers try to take too much line or too much angle and Tri is doing a little bit of a bait here with active hands outside of his block. For most of us hands outside of your body, or having two hands outside of your body. Like this isn't a technique we need to worry about yet. As we progress and as you get to qualifier levels and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday of AVPs, then you're going to want to start looking at hands outside of your body mass. But until then, see if you can just keep your hands straight. Okay. Tri traps them right there with the hands. Now the reason this works is we can just go back to it for a second is because this hitter feels a big body mass in his diagonal. So he thinks that line is wide open. But in the end Tri doesn't really throw his body mass into the line, but he leaves his body mass in the angle and he puts his hands down that line. So he almost baits this hitter into hitting that line shot. Okay, and a good job closing down by the hands.

All right, next point, we won't go too long here. Next point we got Tri going again. So this is a little dive block. This looks like a three from Tri. Three is when you dive into the line. So again, this time he goes a little more body action, but he spots down low in the diagonal and then he tries to shut down the line in a big way. Now if you notice him blocking line here, he's only, he's not even taking up to this corner. He's just taking a good deal of the line and not, and still not giving up the seam swing from Brazil. Right? So that sea, this dead middle ball is still not open, which means that I should have an easier job to dig. I should have a small court. You shouldn't take a hundred percent of the line and none of the cross. You need to take a lot of meat in the court when you're blocking. So Brazil grows for this hard driven cross. I managed to get some sort of off-balance dig, which I'm not too thrilled with and Tri runs it down.

I gotta send a free ball to be safe. Okay, last point. And then I will let you guys go, but I just wanted to get this ball rolling and hopefully I can get you guys to tune in for more beach volleyball lessons with VolleyCamp Hermosa. So I'm gonna pass this ball right here and it should lead right in front of Try. Okay. I like this little step by Tri. It's just a slight outside step because he sees that this is almost a middle ball. So as I shift into the middle to pass, Tri creates this little bit of space by stepping just a little bit sideways and then approaching into the ball. Okay. Because I've passed it high enough and into the middle. And because the server is the one who is blocking, he doesn't get there quite in time and he leaves Tri a good window to hit cross before the defense is set up.

Now obviously because we're hitting on two, this wouldn't be a traditional defense, right? These guys aren't really prepared for the on two. And that's why a lot of on two attacks work because you can get them, well, you can put the ball down before they're in their defensive positions, right? There's a lot of openings on the court right now, especially in this left side cross body swing that Tri goes for. Good contact and puts it down right there untouched because we have a good high middle pass and Tri is alert and knowing that the blocker is not going to get to the net in time. So I, uh, hope you guys got something out of this, and if you want to hear more of it, tune into VolleyCamp Hermosa and our beach volleyball YouTube channel and I'll keep giving out these free beach volleyball lessons. All right? Till next time.


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