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Hey guys! We have an awesome product coming out for you and we're so excited about it. It's 20 full built out practice plans with every detail, all of the time, all of the drills that you could ever need.

Coming from the East Coast, Brandon Joyner ran into a big problem -whether he was a coach or a player- of showing up to practice and not really knowing what he was going to do. He spent so much time talking about what his focus was going to be that day and eventually he just ended up doing the same drill over and over again every single practice.

So, we thought it'd be a good idea to bring you guys something that makes your volleyball life a little bit easier. With these drills we set them up into different categories, whether it's dealing with a defensive day, passing day, attacking day, blocking day, and we've outlined those drills for you including videos of how the drills work, descriptions of how the drills work, and how much time you should be spending on them.

Mark and Brandon have been coaching for over a decade now and they’ve coached in a lot of countries combined. They run at least four hours of training in Hermosa Beach California with VolleyCamp Hermosa, and they have performed thousands of these drills. These drills come from professional practice plans, these also come from beginner practice plans, so we build you up through a progression phase. We take you through the warm-up, take you through some easy ball control stuff, and then we build the practice to eventually end in a competitive mode.

Whether you're a professional right now, the head coach of Brazil, or you're just looking to coach some sixth graders through some ball control, these practice plans are going to have answers for you. And they're going to make it so much easier for you to just show up and do what you do best. Whether that's coaching or playing, and that's the important part; allowing you and equipping you with the tools to become a better coach, or to be a better player.



Our 20 Complete Practice Plans are designed for you to have a smooth practice with a centralized focus for each practices goal.  Each practice plan will come with drill explanations, drill videos, and a schedule for how long you should spend on each drill. All you have to do is show up to the court and motivate your team!  We have taken care of the rest! With these practice plans you can start your journey of getting Better At Beach today!



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