Take the Beach Volleyball High Line Challenge! Easy Attacking Drill for Beach Volleyball Players


The High Line Challenge

Check out this easy attacking drill for beach volleyball players. This is simply a shoot out and it should be considered mandatory for anyone who wants to win tournaments. John Hyden performs this drill for attacking the high line at every single practice and it's been one of my personal favorite hitting drills for most of my career.

In the back you can see Ian and Paul just make 2 high line boxes. This is basically, a Serve Receive practice, but we're going to get our competition on by me and Paul going against each other, and we're just going to say it's the first person to get 4 high lines, but we're doing it with a plus or minus scoring.

If we miss the high line box at any point - it becomes a minus, if we get it - it becomes a plus.

You can see we've also added a bungee cord across the net. The net level is for Ian's practice because he's the one who's trying to hit flat float serves across the net really low. That type of serve puts more pressure on the other team. The bungee cord level is also for me and Paul's practice because we need to get that ball up and over a blocker for it to be a legitimate high line.


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