This week’s Staff Picks are in and we are shamelessly plugging our own gear!
BAB fans check out our top 3 picks from our very own shop!
Represent the brand at all your local tournaments and watch your bumpers bump straighter, your claws dish the nutter butter, and your attacks clap back!
After all if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you’ll play good!

BAB Classic T-Shirt 


Keep it classic, keep things simple!
Grab a BAB tri-blend t-shirt sure to have you in style on the court or at the after party! Available in multiple colors so grab one for each day of the week…never know when it’s time to play!

BAB Long Sleeve


Looking for that comfy warmup shirt?!
The one that makes you feel like an AVP pro and comes in clutch on those crisp mornings?! Ya same here! The BAB long sleeve has got you “covered”!
Perfect for the morning warmup or if you’re done with the sun 😎

BAB Beach Towel


Who doesn’t need a good beach towel?!
We are always looking to find way to rep our favorite brands and companies, so pick up a Retro Play Beach!
Towel for shade, clean cheeks in the sand, a sun protector, a picnic 🧺 table, a change room, a dryer, and most important… a rally flag at your next tournament! 

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