St. Petersburg to host five beach volleyball camps in the fall and winter!

With a sweep of gold medals in the Netherlands on Sunday afternoon – Troy Field and Miles Evans, and Delaney Mewhirter and Terese Cannon – off-season is, alas, upon the professional beach volleyball world.

But off-season also means something else: It’s camp season.

In less than two months, Better at Beach is returning to host its popular week-long camps, featuring a full team of professional coaches to help players of all levels, from beginner to open, have an unforgettable beach volleyball experience.

“Our camps are all about getting better and improving so we dedicate ourselves to coaching a lot,” AVP professional beach volleyball player Mark Burik said. “You get a lot of reps and a lot of touches. You can come to our beach volleyball camps wherever you are. If you’re a beginner, we’re going to put you on the beginner court. If you’re a B player, you’re going to be surrounded by B opponents. If you’re an open player, we’re going to get you on an open level court.”

Our Better at Beach Volleyball camp returns to St. Pete, Florida, on October 31-November 7, November 7-November 14, and November 14-November 21. After a month-long break, we will be back, hosting another beach volleyball camp in St. Pete on December 26-January 2, and again from January 2-January 9. 

Five camps! 

If you want to get better at beach volleyball while also forging friendships and having the absolute time of your life, sign up for one of our beach volleyball camps here!

 These beach volleyball camps are far more than simply beach volleyball. Yes, the volleyball is a large part of it, the aspect around which these camps revolve. But one of the biggest takeaways from both players and coaches alike is the friendships made, relationships formed, good times had. 

"I walk away from every single one of these feeling like my family just got a lot bigger," professional beach volleyball player Brandon Joyner said. "It's seriously one of my favorite parts."

Each evening, Better at Beach arranges an outing of some sorts, be it a player's party, a family dinner, or just a night out on the town. 

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"We want you to walk out of camp knowing the game, and knowing that you know twice as much, if not more, about the game and how to win, but we want you to have as much fun as possible too," Mark Burik said. "That’s why we have players parties, team dinner and get togethers, and we invite you to hang out with our pros as much as possible."

We guarantee that you will get better at beach volleyball. Our practice plans, which are designed by professional beach volleyball players, will have you on the court, getting reps and personal feedback, are used by some of the best in the world. Some days -- Monday and Wednesday -- we'll have you in the sand for upwards of four hours of practice. Others, you'll be competing amongst your peers at camp. Still others, you'll have the opportunity to play against the professionals. You'll get to see if you can swing against Andy Benesh, if you can pass JM Plummer's serve, if you can hit a cut shot by Mark Burik, if you can defend against Delaney Mewhirter's offense. 

In just a single week, you'll get the entire beach volleyball experience: playing, practicing, forging off-court relationships all over the country. 

We promise you this: In attending one of our camps, you'll get better at beach. 

Sign up for a Better at Beach camp today!


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