(NEEDS A LOT OF SEO WORK) Practice Session: Deep Serve to Transition

Here's a great focused serving and defense drill we use at VolleyCamp Hermosa practices.

This works well with 3 players or 2 players and a parent. Click on the Book Now tab to see our upcoming camps or just schedule a 1 on 1 Private Lesson at any time that works for you.

Set up an obstacle (3-4 feet tall) about 6 feet from the back line. We used garbage cans but you can use chairs, beach umbrellas, hurdles etc.

In order to start the drill, the serve must land behind the obstacle without touching it and in the court.
Remember, where the serve lands is not as important as how it crosses the receiver. Serving over a high obstacle ensures a flight path that forces a receiver to move backwards.
The serve is worth one point and a transition kill without taping is worth one point. The team needs 21 to finish the drill. You can see here that in between missed serves our blocker is set up to get high hands defensive reps...

Server misses = coach hit at other player for one or two reps.
Server scores = transition play.

To increase the difficulty level, missed serves and hitting errors count as a minus point.


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