Make Your One-Hand Digs AUTOMATIC!!! Beach Volleyball Tutorials


We’ll be training on our defensive moves and we're doing it in a very controlled way.

If you have a beginner, an older player, or somebody who's just not experienced diving, in order to protect their body but get them some lay down reps, you can put them on their knees to start this drill. As quickly as you can progress you want to get to full speed so you want somebody going from standing into a dive to make this play, but it's okay to warm up your touch and start your groundwork before a match or before a practice just to make sure that your touches stay clean and stay fresh.

There are four different techniques that we're going to use and you can go with whatever is the most comfortable for you;

  • Fist
  • Open Hand
  • Ice-Cream Cone
  • Flipper

Any hand formation that you use is really okay. It's just whatever you practice and get comfortable with. Practice a specific hand position for your outside digs and then get yourself running full speed.



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