Beach Volleyball | Quarantine Ball Control Drills with AVP Pro Katie Spieler


Beach volleyball control ninja and AVP pro Katie Spieler shares training drills in the latest episode of VolleyChat!

At 5'5 Spieler is one of the shortest women on the beach volleyball AVP tour, which does nothing to hold her back because she has total control over the ball. Spieler also founded her own beach volleyball club, East Beach Volleyball Academy in Santa Barbara.

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I definitely like always hated my size growing up. And then now I love it cause people come up to me and they say, wow, it's so cool that you can be, you know, you made it to the pro level.

Katie, what's up? What's up? Um, introduce yourself to those. Those people don't know. It's cause we got people from like Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway. Who are you? What's your high finishes? How tall are you as far as inspiration goes?

Perfect. I'm Katie Spieler. I'm 25 I'm from Santa Barbara, California. I played at university of Hawaii. I was a two time all American there and I am five, five, I think that's the shortest player on tour. I started a beach volleyball club in Santa Barbara, my hometown. But I live in Hermosa so I commute back and forth. So I train in her Masa and then I coach in Santa Barbara. So I travel kind of a lot, but it's great. And so yeah, I grew up playing and I was born into like a huge volleyball family and I'm actually back at my parents' house. And so I'm having my dad reconstruct the net that I made him construct for me when I was little, but he wants to put up the net part. So we just did a little ribbon here. Um, but you can set up as like fake net or with a ribbon and tape really easily if you just have like two posts or poles. Um, so that's what I've been doing even in Hermosa right now, since then. That's are down. Um, so I was just going to share a few little drills you can do just with a ribbon and if you don't have something like this you can just do it over like an invisible net. And Katie, you're putting all this stuff on your Instagram too, right? Yeah, just on my club. Instagram mostly for our kids and any adults.

Can I, and I tagged that in the chat. What's the, what's the name?

It's East beach volleyball Academy.

You'll follow Katie because like for all of you who keep telling me that you need a big or you need somebody tall or you need a blocker, that's the only reason you haven't gotten to playoffs or, or gotten a tournament like look at Katie. To me she is gotta be the most inspiring person on tour because um, maybe because she is the shortest professional player right now at five, five or one 65 but she's a professional beach volleyball player. So any of you saying that like you can't, you don't have the shots, you just need to be bigger. Oh, if I was your height of course I would do that. Like shut up because Katie is, you're proving you wrong. You play with Delaney, right?

Yeah. And Delaney is five 10 and most I played with Karissa Cook and she's about the same height. And I always kind of thought too, like I needed a big blocker and that's what I played with in college. But when I got to the pro tour I just realized that I needed like a really good fundamental player because I am seeing of the serves. So for me to have a great center that really helps me out. And then just having someone who's good fundamentally at the net instead of, you know, just super tall and can't really pull in day. But yeah, I definitely like always hated my size growing up. And then now I love it cause people come up to me and they say, wow, it's so cool that you can be, you know, you made it at the pro level. And to me like that's really special cause it was just a lot of the work that I put in and you see it pay off and it, that's the most satisfactory and that's awesome. And plane rides are pretty. Yeah.

Yeah. Should I get into these drills? Yeah. Let's see a couple. Okay. There'll be fast. So basically I just was always back here doing drills on my own. So I came up with a lot of weird stuff. But I'm going to do some pretty simple ones and then we'll get a little bit more advanced. So first one is just past yourself, set over your net and then turn around, do it again. Try to get 10. So I'll just do a few here. So one of them under the ribbon. Call yourself a professional. I haven't warmed up here.

Okay, so just pass that over the ribbon. Try to get 10. Um, this next one, I kind of came up with this recently actually, but it goes into what you guys were talking about with stability with Stafford. Um, so one thing when we're laying out to get a dig, um, we're often kind of in this position and you have to have a really strong core to be in that position. So I turned what they call a bird dog position in the gym into a little one arm touch drill. So going gonna go this way so you guys can see I go out into that bird dog, I got my one arm touches and then I try to sweat. Oh, nice. Oh, so you keep that back leg up. I like that you're really engaging your core so that when you are doing that one arm dive, you're all breaking, you're strong here and then you have that lift. That's really cool. I like that. And then we'll go back to over the net. This is a little bit more challenging for Balkan troll. So you're going to try to do one arm, one arm, that renovation, pokey pokey and then roll handset. Roll shot over. Go to renovate. Yeah, you've got to have really pokies Casey wanted to get some Walt bundles.

The house demo. Poke one on one arm. Pokey pokey, hands up. Roll shot. Oh okay. Pokey roll shot.

I love this. Wow. Oh wow.

Yeah, it's a good, it's a good idea to go off the camera cause just don't react.

It's tough, but it's fun. So just kind of getting at time to touches in and coming up with creative things. I think that the one silver lining of all of this says we have to learn how to get creative with our training. And that's how I grew up and it was super helpful. Verge. Just when you're in a game and wild things happen, you know, like it's not just past that hit. It's a lot of weird stuff. So if you're out here just kind of coming up with your own touches, it's gonna teach you how to handle a lot.

It seems like a lot of this stuff was progression, you know, so like obviously the first one you did was just pass in a set over the net, you know, and then so you can kind of build on that and I'm sure you probably did anyway, but like maybe the first one is just past set over the net. The next one is past set roll shot over the net. You can start adding in all these different like pokies and stuff like that as you're getting more control.

Exactly. And even adding in like a jump.

Yeah, that's a hell of a, yeah. I think something that's super important like probably for you Katie and that most amateur players would, would skip over that. A lot of players early on in their career are absolutely and people honestly like 40 and 50 year olds that I coach who had been playing for 10 and 15 years have no hand control of, it's like paths. Maybe they have a handset, but then like if they just have to control the ball here with Ben to elbows and in all of these positions like waiters and end handbags, it falls apart immediately. Like as soon as I have my, some of my players switch from peppering where they dig with their forums to hitting at their face and digging with their hands. It doesn't last more than four rounds. And somebody who can pepper literally for 10 minutes with forearm digs cannot last four rounds when they start hitting it the face. And for somebody who's, I think your height, you have to be an absolute master of all the hand digs up here. Is that, would you say to that?

Totally. And that's actually something that like I've been filming these little drills for my kids and it's kind of cool for me because I can look back at the film and whenever I have like not a good shot or something goes wrong, it's cause my hand contact is not clean. So when you get that full hand on the ball, that's when you can control like you're saying, like wherever you want that ball to go on your shot, it's going to go there if you get full hand contact or if you're digging. But I think that that's something that's so overlooked is that if we can watch our hand hit the ball and get the full hand on contact, we're going to be able to do so much. Awesome.

Awesome. Katie, I'm gonna write your, your things in the chat right here again. Um, K, a. T. I. E. S. P. I. E. L. E. R. that's your Instagram. And is there anywhere else that people can find you or what should they find you or they know you that you run a club in Santa Barbara. Right. Okay.

Yeah, I run a club once all of this craziness is over. I am having um, a clinic and Erickson's memory and a four man tournament. So that was supposed to be on April 4th and fifth, but we obviously had to post bones. So keep an eye out on my Instagram for updates on that. I also have a website. It's just but there's not much on it. I'm known as the honey bees. So if you are near you and you need honey, you honey,

do you, uh, is this where the beehive is?

Yes. The beehive back in that corner.

I feel like that's what we should have used our time for honey or honey. Oh wow. Look at that.

But yeah, I could have taken you into the beehive.

Nice time. Yeah. I'm not going anywhere near a computer.


well thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you. Um, yeah, it's uh, I think, I think again, Katie should be one of the people who you watch and understand how differently she uses her skills and the different skills that she emphasizes for herself to be a professional because she has a different authentic set than somebody who might be six one six, six. Oh, right. She is somebody who is going to use different shots. Probably a lot of pokies. I know a lot of pokies and she's able to win and create points because she has embraced her own body and her own playing style and didn't have to look at somebody who was six foot and say I need to play like them. She said I'm going to be me to be great. I'm very like Adrian, Karen Bullock like be you to be great.

And I think Katie does an excellent job of that and she's definitely an inspiration for should be an inspiration for everybody as far as selecting your own and being effective no matter, no matter what. Hell yeah. Short girls for the wind. Thank you. All right, well thanks so much Mark and Brandon, you guys are awesome man. Volley camp. Yeah, Katie, thanks for coming on as a thank you for anybody who's here. We talked about a lot of exercises with Brandon. I gave you some good ideas for at home drills. We don't have an at home drill course yet, but we are after this coming out with a big blog filled with a bunch of them. I'm going to be posting them. Brandon's going to be posting them. So Brandon, please write your Instagram in the chat. Guys, go follow him. Follow me if you're not following me yet, follow volley can promote it.

If you are not, subscribe to our YouTube channel, please help us. That supports us in a way, big way. It helps us grow as a huge thank you for coming. We have a 60 day strength and conditioning course. Since you are here live with us right now for the next 15 minutes. Ooh, there's a 15 minute window. It's half price. Whoa, 15 minutes, half price. I'm going to post the link. We already changed it. Posting the link right here. It gives you all of the shiplap shoulder stability exercises. It gives you everything that you can do. It's specific for beach volleyball. It's a bunch of leg workouts, but it's not a lot of upper body strength like no chest or anything like that. A little bit of chest, but shoulder stability, hip mobility, glute activation, all of this stuff, all of these exercises, I promise you, you can get a full workout with two water bottles and an elastic band and I promise you you'll get better.

Me and Brandon had been doing this all preseason. I know that I put four inches at 34 years old. I put four inches onto my broad jump in two and a half months using this program. Brandon's more agile and playing better than he definitely better than he ever has. Go ahead. You have now you have 14 minutes. We are closing this down. It's normally 80 bucks, but just as a thank you for coming and to get more people experience with what we offer, we're offering this closing in 14 minutes and really take advantage. Is it only possible with PayPal so you have to pay through PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account. You can check in as a guest and use your credit card and it does take you through that PayPal, but just use sign in as a guest and pay with credit card.

Okay, good question. Maria guys, there's not a better offer. There's not a better way to get better at beach volleyball. If you're a volleyball or a beach volleyball player, you absolutely, absolutely need this. It is a 60 day program, Nico, and it's every day I give you I think five complete rest days. Some of the days are like off, meaning that you just have movement like you just through a big long warmup and that's all you'd be going through. So you now have 11 minutes. We're shutting it off. I promise you because everybody else has already been paying 80 it's a great program. It's worth way more than that. It's 60 days. We take you through, we show you every single exercise. It's designed minute by minute rep by rep and if you want to be a better beach volleyball player and you're looking for a strength training program, rabbit, it is a 60 day.

It gives you the plan for every single day and while you're alone, while you're not able to practice on the court, use the ball touches that Katie Spieler was showing you and get a great grade workout program. Lateral speed, shoulder strength, rotational power from the core and leg strength. You don't need weights. 80% of this is designed so that you don't even touch a weight. We just need very, very, very [inaudible] light heavy objects. You can use a bag, you can use a water bottle and you can use the elastic bands for the majority of it. But you'll see once you go in, yeah, get some money back guarantee 30 days. You don't like it. If you think the program sucks, send it back. We'll close it off. No harm. But I guarantee you you're going to love it because we have not gotten a single negative review. Everybody's fired up and playing better. So guys, thank you for coming. You have 10 minutes and then we're shutting it back to 80 bucks. But I appreciate you being here. I have to go talk to a bunch of coaches and club directors, and we're going to run a mastermind. So if you're a part of the mastermind and you're going to sign in to the next one, you'll go ahead. But I gotta get outta here. Yup. 10 minutes. Sign up for that program at this discount. Love y'all. Check you later.


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