Passing in beach volleyball is a bit like breathing: So ordinary, so mundane, so seemingly automatic, that you rarely ever think about it. And passing, like breathing, is so critical to your life in beach volleyball that you will not survive without it. 

Yes, passing can be boring. But it's often the most boring skills in sports that prove to be the most valuable. In golf, there is a saying: Drive for show, putt for dough. You want to know a skill that is not interesting or fun to practice? Putting. In basketball, free throws and dribbling rule; not dunks. Football? We're talkin' 'bout blocking, y'all. Blocking. Name a sport, and the most critical of skills are the ones you so rarely notice on television , the ones you will never see on Sports Center or the viral beach volleyball Instagram account, Bounce Beach

No, what you see are the bounces, the big swings that get the crowd going. But do you know the skill that precedes those bounces and highlights? Passing! 

Bouncing balls is fun. Getting highlight reel swings is fun. Winning is fun. And what makes it all possible is the ability to pass a volleyball, to control where it is going and exactly how it's going to get there. 

Which is why practicing passing is so dang fun. When you develop into a good passer, the whole game of beach volleyball opens up before you. No longer are you scared of the float serve to your sideline. No longer to you tremble as you await the big jump serve from your opponent. No longer do you fear the high, deep float. When you become an excellent passer, you're in control. 

You're the captain now. 

And the best pat? You can become a great passer at home, by yourself. You can practice passing wherever you'd like. Watching TV? We have drills for that! Off the wall? We can help you there, too. Girlfriend? Roof? Pavement? Check, check, check. Our drills at Better at Beach will help you become a better passer in just days, giving you the confidence you need to stand in serve receive knowing that the ball will end up exactly where you want it. 

How to become a better passer from home:


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If you want to pass perfect every time, keep reading. We are going to help you pass with more accuracy, more consistency and more confidence! Get the positioning and the mechanics to control the first touch against any server, in any weather. You’ll also learn to develop a mindset that keeps you in the game so you can stay focused and win matches.

All you have to do is sign up for our Beach Volleyball Mastery. We take you through the basics and then work all the way up to eyework and advanced mechanics so you pass every ball right where it needs to go!
We’ll show you how to pass for option (on-2) attack, how to fight off great float serves and how to pass for YOUR best offense.

Once inside the membership, you’ll be able to unlock “Pass with Consistency and Confidence: The Serve Receive Master Class” which will build your footwork and passing platform from the ground up. It comes complete with footwork drills, solo drills, partner exercises and passing charts so you can measure your progress!

We also include with 9 more skill courses AND our 60 Day At-Home Max Vertical Jump Training Program.

Once you sign up, you'll be able to watch the in-depth tutorials, film your “before” videos, start and film your at-home drills and begin posting to our Private Facebook Group. Then, our coaches will break down your mechanics, footwork and touch at our weekly online meetings. Yes, that means we look at YOUR videos and we coach YOU!

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