Great beach volleyball serving exercises for all levels of players

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Can you tell me what you think is the most important position in baseball? For most, I'd expect the answer to be pitcher. History would say you're correct. So why is it so obvious that pitching is the most critical element of building a baseball team, but serving in beach volleyball is so routinely ignored? Or, if not ignored, not prioritized? 

Serving is no different than pitching. It's the only closed loop skill in the game, meaning you have control from start to finish. You control where you serve from, what kind of serve you're hitting, where you want to hit, what kind of toss you want to use. 

It's also how every play begins. 

This means that you control how the point begins. You control where the serve goes, who it goes to, and what kind of serve you're delivering. You control your destiny with the serve. What we're saying is this: There's no excuse to be a below average server. 

It's why we made this beach volleyball serving drill, so you can dictate each and every beach volleyball match and tournament you compete in. 

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Serving: Around The World

For this drill, we've divided the court into eight portions. We do this simply by laying out some ropes. If you have players with different abilities on the same court, an elite player has to serve all eight spots, while a novice player or a beginner can just serve four spots on the court. Every spot, however, has to be designated and every shot has to be called. Watch it on this video!

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