Two-person beach volleyball serve and transition drill tutorial

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Yes, the days of sideout beach volleyball, where you can only score when you're the serving team, are mostly over (except during the AVP main draws when the freeze is on). But that doesn't mean that defense in beach volleyball is any less important. The old sporting adage, 'defense wins championships' is as true as it has ever been. There's a reason that Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena, the No. 1 team on the AVP Tour, are also the No. 1 hardest team to score on, just as there's a reason that the top team in the world, Norway's Anders Mol and Christian Sorum, are also the toughest team to score on in the world. 

Defense wins. It's simple. 

In this drill, AVP professional beach volleyball player Mark Burik shows you how to hone all aspects of the defensive side of things in beach volleyball, from serving at the target you want to chasing down a shot to putting the ball away in transition. If you're looking for a simple, easy, effective drill to improve your beach volleyball defense, this is the one. 

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Dig, Set, Look, Hit!

This beach volleyball drill is great for Coach on One or when you only have two players training together.

The drill begins with our defensive player serving at a specific target. You could draw this target on the sand, or use a bag -- anything will do. Once the defender hits the target, he or she will enter the court as if they're going to play defense, initially shading middle to stop the potential option. 

Next, the drill facilitator -- this could be a friend, partner, coach, parent, spouse, whoever -- will clap to signify that the second person is setting and not attacking. After that, the facilitator can throw the ball wherever they want, simulating a shot for the defender to chase down. For those who want to be defender specific, you should be initiating your chases with crossover steps, so keep your footwork in mind as we're doing this.

When you chase the ball, initiate with a crossover step. Don't waste steps by opening your lead leg. After the defender digs the shot, they need to set to themselves, look for the coach, who's going to point at a target, and they need to hit that target to score the transition point. 


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