The best two-person beach volleyball drill for serving and defense

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You don't always need a full team to practice against in beach volleyball. Sometimes, as is the case with this drill for serving and defense in volleyball, you only need a ball, and one other partner. 

Below, we describe the serve, dig, set, retreat transition drill. 

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Serve, Dig, Set, Retreat, Transition Drill

This drill is excellent for just you and a partner, or you and a coach. 

In order to play defense, the server needs to serve to a specific spot. That way, we can start getting into a game rhythm with only two people on the court. This not only helps with the efficiency of the drill, but it also adds an element to serving accuracy. If you're playing a beach volleyball team where one player is inferior to the other, you're going to want to serve that guy. This drill will practice serving a specific target, repeatedly, as you'd do when one of your opponents is struggling. 

We’re going to give our server a target. If they hit that target, they're going to play defense once, and then set. The server would need to retreat after, because that same ball will be returned back to them via an attack. Then you dig, set, and hit. We will have two hard-driven digs coming at the server.

Watch the video and enjoy!

 The great thing about this drill is that it works on so many elements of your beach volleyball game. Here, you're serving accurately, getting a good defensive touch, setting your own dig, and hitting it out. If you focus, you're improving virtually every aspect of your game, save your passing, and we can work on those in other drills, all of which you can find in our passing course. 
So, even if you don't have a full four people to practice with, you can still get in a focused, rep-intensive session where you're improving at all facets of the game. 
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