Best 2 Person Beach Volleyball Drill Ever - Ball Control and Attack Accuracy

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You don't always need a full squad at a beach volleyball practice. Sometimes it's even better, honestly, to have just you and your partner. That's all that really matters anyway, isn't it? You can't control what the other team is doing -- the best way to get better at beach volleyball is to control your side of the net as best you can. 

This beach volleyball drill is perfect when you want to get out with just you and your partner -- or when your practice team bails, which is, unfortunately as we all know, a far-too-common occurrence. 

This drill -- we don't have a name for it, so extra credit and bonus points to you if you come up with a fun name! -- covers all aspects of the game. 

It begins with Partner A hitting either a down ball or a shot for Partner B to dig. After Partner B digs it, Partner A will take the ball and bump it somewhere for Partner B to chase down. 

After Partner B chases it down and passes it to Partner A, Partner A will then set it for Partner B to hit. 

Here's the fun part: On the other side of the court, you will have set up parameters in which to hit your shot or swing. You can draw in lines down the alleys if you want, set up trashcans to peg, towels, cones -- whatever. But the point is to have a challenging target to hit, so you're hitting a shot or swing that's likely to go down in a beach volleyball match or tournament. 

Our parameters, for example, were as follows: Our deep corner swings are set up so they end two steps from the baseline. We also made the rule that our swings in the front half of the court needed to have a downward trajectory. This also gives us feedback and tells us when we are in a position that allows to go for the sharp swings. We hate loopy cut shots.

As always you can set whatever rules and scoring you like :)

Our sharp swings in the front two thirds are worth two points, our deep corner swings are worth one point and our hitting errors are minus one. 


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What's up guys. It's Mark and Wild Bill Kolinske. Today we're doing a two-man beach volleyball drill, it's just the two of us and we figured we could share what we're doing with you today.

On this beach volleyball court, we drew a map on our sidelines. We got about a two-foot space, you can use a two, three, four-foot space and then we got a hash to show the deep portion of the court. Same thing on the other sideline, when we got a sharp sideline and we had a deep portion of the court. We're saying that the sideline, short sidelines need to be really sharp, or a cut shot. So, you won't get two points if you hit the short sideline but there has to be downward trajectory, you can't loop it. You also get one point if you hit one of the deep corners.

We are going with a hit, dig, send a free ball, set and attack. So, I think you guys can see it work. Let’s check it out in action on this video.

Bill's going to hit at me, I get to dig one and then then he sends me a free ball. I’ll pass that and then we'll try to score along the sidelines. Attacking with a downward trajectory along the sidelines gets us two points. Any hitting error is worth a negative point. This is a build practice so let’s try to go for a combined eleven points and then we can move on to another drill.

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