Beach Volleyball Tactics: Where to Serve and Why?


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The serve in beach volleyball is akin to a pitch in baseball or putting in golf: It's used more often than any other skill. It begins every point. Sometimes it can even end every point, too. We'll get to how to ace your opponents in other blogs, videos, and write-ups. For now, we want to discuss a critical, but oddly not often discussed, element of serving in beach volleyball: Where to serve and why/

There are a few basic points that most beach volleyball players understand. Most will serve at the weaker of the two players -- or the one getting set by the lesser setter of the two -- because, simply, it's easier to get a dig off that person. But there are myriad elements that go into serving. 

What's the wind doing? 

What is our best serve? 

Does he or she pass better from his left side or his right? 

Can they get their feet to a short serve? If so, how does it impact their approach and options on offense? Does a deep serve throw off their timing? 

In the video below, AVP professional beach volleyball player Mark Burik will take you through a few points on where to serve and why in beach volleyball. 

Advanced Tactics for Beach Volleyball

Welcome back to Better at Beach. We are going to take you through some world tour qualifier points from 2016 with Mark Burik and Tri Bourne against a Brazilian team. 

We just have a couple of points here and we’re going to show you some of the detailed actions that they used and where their heads are at in the middle of points. We hope you follow along and if you want some more, be sure to subscribe to Mark’s YouTube channel, follow us on Instagram and on Facebook @markburikbeachvolleyball or @Betteratbeachvolleyball

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