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Hey Beach Volleyballers. In this volleyball training video AVP pro Mark Burik takes us inside his home gym, with a rundown of all the training equipment and strength conditioning gear he uses for his beach volleyball workouts. From volleyball warmups to exercises and aerobics, here's what you need to know when equipping your own gym for beach volleyball training.

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Hey guys, welcome to my home gym for beach volleyball training. My name is Mark Burik. I am a professional beach volleyball player and I thought that you might want to know what I have in my home gym and how to build your own gym for volleyball training. I've acquired a lot of equipment over time for my beach volleyball conditioning. Not one piece really broke the bank. There were some investments that I knew would pay off for some high quality items, but I have an eight by 18 foot space in my garage and this is where I do all of my beach volleyball training for my professional career. In this volleyball training video I want to take you through every piece of exercise equipment I have. It's only the essential stuff and if you get some ideas, you can go ahead and you can use the links to buy them below. Make sure before you go, you click that subscribe button and you hit the bell so that you get notified when I make new beach volleyball training videos. Whether you’re at the peak of volleyball competition or geting in some off-season beach volleyball workouts, this information should be valuable in your beach volleyball strength and conditioning workout. 

First thing we got, I do take some supplements. I do like to have a pre workout before every volleyball workout. I like caffeine. I like a little bit of creatine before my volleyball workout and strength conditioning. You can find them at They make a fantastic pre-workout. This right here is their BCA, the recovery formula. They also have some really good protein, but their pre-workout is absolutely my favorite. So start every volleyball workout with a pre-workout. If you're like me and you need a little extra kick to get going. First things first in our mobility section. Okay. I don't really use yoga mats a lot. I'm okay getting on the ground and we've got some rubber flooring here that we put in, but what I do love is this thick foam yoga mat. Now, I don't really need it to do all of my floor work, but where this comes in handy is putting it down when I'm doing plyo jumps or beach volleyball jump exercises.

If you've got a bad back or sore knees and you don't want to beat them up anymore, get yourself a thick foam rubber yoga mat. That way. You can use it for any of your mobility stuff, but you can also use it to jump down on so you don't have to beat your body up when you're doing pliers or deputy arms end up Jones. My next two favorite items and these were fun purchases. I don't think they're entirely necessary but I do love using them and now for every tournament I make sure that I travel with my percussion massager. This is the hyper volt by hyper ice and this is the hyper ice foam roller. Both of them have vibrating functions so you can turn it on. We used to have a louder version of the percussion gun but it was keeping our roommates up.

We were shy about using it in the living room or basically anywhere in public or where people were around the hyper volts. Awesome. Because it's super quiet but it gets the job done. So hyper volt by hyper ice and your foam roller for mobility work, you need to have some type of foam roller and if you want to go for the vibrating style, go ahead and get your hyper ice links below. This is our shoulder mobility section. So as an overhead athlete, as a beach volleyball player, I need a ton of work in my shoulders, both for mobility and strength. This right here is by go foot, it's called the muscle hook and it helps you get around to those muscles in the back. It's really hard to get there with a foam roller and if you can't go out and get a massage every week, you need to take care of those muscles behind you that are harder to reach.

So go ahead and get your muscle hook by Go Fit. The next item is for my volleyballers on a budget. This is my PVC pipe and I use it for a lot of mobility exercises for shoulders and thoracic mobility exercises. But you can use any stick and this is going to cost you two bucks at home Depot and it's just nice to have so that you can use some wraparound muscles. Right? Cool. This one's a little long for this garage, but it can really start opening some shoulder and making sure that you're getting a little bit of thoracic rotation and some mobility work. So get yourself any stick, but you don't have to break the bank just to get a nice PVC pipe for volleyball exercise. Next on my list of favorites, and this is an item that I do not travel without, no matter where I'm going, when I'm going on vacation, when I'm leaving for a tournament, I always, always, always have my jump rope because it's an easy cardio plyo agility workout. An esswential part of beach volleyball conditioning.

I love this one because it came adjustable, so if the wire came too long, I don't have to ship it back, I don't have to mail it back. And if any of my roommates or any of the people who I coach want to come and use it, we can adjust the height and the length of the rope. So go ahead and get yourself a jump rope. It is one of my go-to exercises and I cannot leave without it. You're always going to need it to travel and you're always going to need it to get simple, easy workouts. And if you're a jumping athlete, you got to get on the jump rope. So right here is where I keep my stability equipment, right? I like to use a Bosu ball because if you're playing beach volleyball and you're spending a lot of time in the sand and you know that that's an unstable surface and you have to train on that.

If you're in a place where you have long winters or you just don't have access to the beach, access to sand, get yourself a Bosu ball so that you can do some of your volleyball exercises with a little bit of instability. It's perfectly good to do some lunges on one footed work and you can also get a bunch of shoulder exercises using this Bosu ball. So it's great for balance and it keeps your body healthy. So I do recommend getting you Bosu ball if you don't have access to sand. The next one is pretty typical. This is a physio ball. Any sort of yoga ball will work. Now, I don't consider this a real necessity in my training, but it's not going to take up room. It's not going to break the bank and I can always throw it up in the rafters and make sure that I have a good spot for it in my ceiling.

Okay. If you are going again for instability exercises or stability exercises, right? This is going to be great for pushups, shoulder work and a little bit of core for rolling out, right? So you could get your physio ball anywhere. We're going to link one below, but you could get any kind you want, if you have a squat rack, you don't really need a TRX. Okay? It is a nice tool. I like to have it. My roommate bought it so it didn't come from my selection. But TRX really works if you want to do some inverted rows or you want to have a little bit of extra stability challenge for pushups. So what's really nice about having a TRX as a beach volleyball player is anytime you go out to a court and you have those sturdy volleyball goals, you can hook that onto sturdy volleyball pole and you can get your entire upper body workout and attack your back muscles while you're at the beach.

So TRX is a good tool. I don't consider it a necessity. But if you're going to the beach and you don't want to go to the gym and the beach, why not grab one of these? This is the piece. There is a sauce. Every gym, every at home gym needs to have a squat rack. If you are a jumping athlete, if you're a power athlete, you're going to need to get yourself an Olympic barbell and you're going to need to get yourself some weights. I like to make sure that if I buy a squat rack, it has a pull up bar or a chin up bar. These aren't too expensive, but they can get expensive quickly. So if you want a really high one that is going to take a lot of space and keep everything stable, you can go ahead and buy one of the bigger ones, the square racks, but this does the trick for me.

Super simple, making sure that I can do my Olympic lifts, my squats and my chin ups and pull-ups. I have quite the collection of hip bands. I consider these one of the necessities for traveling to tournaments. If you're a jumping athlete or a speed athlete, if you've ever been to an ABP event, you see every single player warming up by getting their glutes activated. Okay? These should be cheap. Don't break the bank using these. I do secretly have a little wish list because I don't like when the rubber kind of rips my leg hair off, so there are some materials, some elastic ones, and I'm going to link those below. They're on my wish list. I don't have them in my gym, but I think they're really valuable. Okay. This is another one of those pieces of equipment that I do not leave. I do not travel without.

This is Vollibands. We partnered with Vollibands a while ago because I knew that beach volleyball players needed a really specific piece of equipment that could help out our shoulders during a workout. They made something that I had been wanting to make for a long time. They've got a bunch of attachments. You see here that this is the ring that you can hook around to any pole or any bar that you've got a little clip here and in this bag is a doorway edge so that you can use it for a door, but, but I liked that they have the straps because I can use my hands right here, but if I want to get a little bit of hip work right, I can wrap these around my ankles and make sure that I'm getting loose, active glutes, right? So volley bans, the best volleyball player, specific plastic band on the market right here.

You all, you have to get yourself a heavy band, half to have to get yourself a heavy band. If you don't have an at home gym and you don't have the chance to go to a gym or it's starting to get too expensive or you're on the road, heavy bands can be hooked onto anything sturdy where you can do a good amount of exercises, right? Because they're heavier and thicker. I think this is maybe the 40 pound resistance, maybe 25 or 40 pound resistance. I've got a few of these, but you know very simple exercises that you can do with a lot of resistance like Rose here. That's a ton of resistance and if you're really getting into it and getting into a little chest press, if you don't have dumbbells and you want to use a little bit more than body weight, these are so good.

I'm going to recommend a book here and it's called a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett.


 He's also a YouTube sensation. So if you're watching this and you've got any body injuries and want to know how to rehab yourself, go ahead and find Kelly start or the Supple Leopard on YouTube. This is going to be great to open up your hips and give yourself a lot of extra range of motion as you maintain beach volleyball conditioning. There's a ton of things that you can do with heavy bans that can help you stretch out your shoulders, your chest, and give yourself the ability to open up your hitting window. If you're a beach volleyball player, you know that you need a great hitting window and I love using these heavy bands to get some extra range of motion. I know this is super simple, but this is a kitchen timer. It comes with a ten second function and it comes with a five minute function, but I don't really need those.

I just know that when I'm doing timed volleyball workouts, I don't like looking at my watch. I hate going over and checking my phone for the time and how many seconds I have left. So all I do is I just keep this running. I was thinking about getting like one of those big basketball clocks, like an LED to hang up somewhere on one of my walls, but then I decided like why am I going to spend an extra 50 bucks when I just need to be able to tell the time and how many seconds are going? So this cost me eight bucks. I think on Amazon, and you can get one super cheap or if you were wanting to wear a watch, but I love having this egg timer set of something to look at during my time to exercise. All of my plates are rogue plates, right?

I have one 10 a 25 a 35 and a 45. I don't need much more than that because most of my exercises are going to be super-fast, so I don't need a ton of weights. I was worried like, man, I'm going to be able to squat more than 300 and yeah, maybe I can squat more than 300 but if you're a volleyball athlete, you don't need to go super heavy. You need to be fast and explosive, so get yourself a starter set and just go ahead with rogue. They're awesome. High quality weights. The next most important thing I have for jump exercises for athletes is going to be this weight vest, right? This is a 40 pound weight vest and everything in it is super soft. I don't like the ones with metal bars. I like this because it wraps my body and when I'm doing jumps, specific exercises, it's not crushing into my bones or anything like that.

I have two of these so that I can do some weighted pushups. And again, a lot of jump exercises, but as a beach volleyball player, I do recommend getting yourself a weight vest so that you can add some resistance when you need to. Next, here's another beach volleyballer on a budget idea. Okay, I'm going to link some medicine balls below, but I think that they're overpriced in general. This right here, my buddy made it and it's a basketball where we slice the side of the ball and we just filled it with sand. So it was an old ball that we weren't using, right? And we just put sand in the middle and we made ourselves a nice heavy medicine ball. Okay, so again, you can get one of those heavy medicine balls. I need one for rotational power exercises and slam exercises in volleyball training. But if you want to be creative and inventive, just carve out a volleyball and old ball that you're not using or a basketball, fill it with sand or maybe even rocks or pebbles.

Make sure that it's taped well and you can use that as your medicine ball. So raise your game. Makes easy basic products for agility, right? And that's all you need. You need cones and you need an agility ladder. Some of these get way too expensive and unnecessarily right. I just need an agility ladder to make sure that my feet are fast on defense and I can change direction. It's also, I get a little, I don't really like running, but I like short bursts of whatever I do. And when I have foot word patterns that I can do in a ladder, that really gives me the ability to pay attention through an entire exercise. So it's a short set of ladders, right? And it also comes with cones. One of the things that they include is adjustable hurdles, which I absolutely love. And I think the entire set costs something like $40 for adjustable hurdles, cones and ladders.

And I think raise your beach volleyball game. Really did a good job with that package. So I'm going to link that below. And if you are an athlete of any kind and you have a home gym or you'd like to do your own workouts and conditioning exercises, get yourself some agility sets. So we're going to get a close up in a second, but this was the investment. I made interchangeable dumbbells and I was always going back and forth between should I get a full dumbbell set, what weights do I get? But again, those things get really expensive and they get really expensive really fast. These adjustable dumbbells go from five pounds to 52 and a half pounds each and they're so easy to change in and out. I didn't want to buy these in the beginning because I had had adjustable dumbbells in the past and so had my friends and they all were just so difficult to change.

The weights fell out. They got sticky and I hated it. So I think this came with a money back guarantee and I wanted to, you know, I wanted to invest in one good piece of equipment in my gym and this is by far the best investment we made because it's got my five and 10 pounds, right? My girlfriend can use those and I can use those for shoulder exercises. I can also pump it up to 52.5 pounds. Both flexes also make some of the heavier ones. But again, I'm a volleyball player. I don't need super heavy weights. So come on, I just want to show you how easy it is to change, right? And we're going to get a little close up here. So right now it's on the five pounds setting. Super easy. Slides out, get those curls. Love. Okay, this is how easy it is to change.

We can go all the way to 25 pounds. All right? And you want to make sure that you do it on both sides, 25 pounds on each side and you can just lift it. No problem. It slides super, super easy. And the same thing, we can go all the way up to 52 pounds just by sliding it so fast. No problem, no stickiness and pap, right? 52 pounds. So those are my adjustable dumbbells. That's the, that's probably the biggest investment I made in this gym as far as the price goes. But I do not regret it. I'm so happy with it and it saves me a lot of space. I don't need an entire rack of dumbbells because I don't have space for that. This is a purchase and it isn't entirely necessary. It's not one of your essentials, but for me it was a big deal.

Right? I often get back problems. I have a couple of herniated disks and I don't like doing heavy deadlifts with a barbell, but this being able to step inside of a hex bar makes it so easy on my back. I also coach a lot of people and I train a lot of people in my beach volleyball gym and it's really difficult to teach proper deadlift and Olympic lifting technique. The hex bar makes it really easy to have great technique and what I love about this one specifically is it does have this black stand here, so a lot of hex bars you have to pick up, it's super heavy and then you have to slide the weight on at the same time. So you're holding two heavy things and then trying to aim it. I love that this has got a little extra space so that it's really easy to just slide the weight on.

All right. I like that it's high enough because I can go and I can do my deadlifts right here, but since it's elevated, I can also get some lunges and there's plenty of space for my leg behind me where I can do these lunges. So hex bar, not completely necessary, but I do love it because if you want to do heavy deadlifts, you're going to have an opportunity to do it with good form. And if you have a junior or somebody you're trying to teach how to do deadlifts or Olympic lifts and you have no training in them, this is the easiest way to get somebody doing a deadlift. I have a plyo box. I think plyo boxes are again, too expensive. If you're handy, go ahead and build your own and it should be really, really cheap. I'm not too handy, but I wanted to apply Obox quick, and this was the best one that I found for the money to use in my volleyball training program.

This one costs about $129 right? Which again I do think is a little bit expensive, but why I chose this one was because it's super light and it's foam. So again, I train a lot of people and when they come to me and they train, I don't like the threat of them scraping their shins or hitting something hard when they're doing plyo jumps. So this nice soft foam isn't going to be too punishing. One of the negatives is that since it's so light, their jumps have to be perfect when they're getting onto it. Otherwise it might topple over. But you got to make a choice at some point there. I like it because it's lightweight and since it's like wait, I can easily bring it to the beach and do my piles there. So if you're looking for box jumps, right and you want to do your workouts on the beach, throw this in the back of your car and that's it.

I love that it has three heights, 24 inches, 20 inches and 30 inches. Alright. That way me and all my buddies can work out on it together and it has different Heights. Where you can use different Heights for step-ups, so get yourself a plyo box if you're a volleyball player or a jump athlete, even if you're not, you can get great leg workouts just by having a nice solid platform to step up and down on. Finally, we do a lot of jump exercises and we do a lot of agility within our own gym. I like to do a lot of Olympic lifts, so I want it to get a little bit of padding for the floor, and this again was a big investment, but it's an investment that is going to last a lifetime. This rubber matting, this is probably 14 by eight feet and all you do is stick it together.

You lay it down on the mat, on the inside. It provides a little bit of cushion so that your weights last longer. And again, this type of flooring, it isn't going away. It's not going to rust. You're going to have it for the rest of your life. So it is an investment in your beach volleyball training. But if you are somebody who's dedicated to having a home gym because you're tired of losing the extra time by driving to a gym, you're tired of giving somebody else your money and you'd rather invest it in your own equipment, I would say go ahead and get some rubber matting like we have here. 

Guys, thank you so much for watching my beach volleyball training video, coming to my house and seeing what my gym looks like. I hope these tips help you become a better beach volleyball player. Volleyball training exercises are important and a lot more fun when you have the right equipment. I would love to know if you think that I'm missing any essential items from my gym, what do you use in your gym and what is some piece of volleyball training equipment that you can't live without? Let me know in the comments because I want to know if I'm missing something. If you're still watching, make sure, please, that you have subscribed and you've clicked on the bell so you get notifications for my future videos. Have a good one.


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