Beach Volleyball Drills: Scoring in Tough Situations


Today we've got a little transition setting and offensive decision-making drill to help your beach volleyball game.

We're going to show you what we did here on my side of the court. I'm coaching here, we have four zones - two zones in the sharp sidelines, and two zones in the deep corners. This is how I measure it out on the beach volleyball court.

Go to the deep corner of the court and take two giant steps along the sideline towards the net. Now, take one step into the court dragging your foot to make a line in the sand. Face the net again and drag your foot until you get to the volleyball net. You should have a big rectangle on the sideline that starts at the net and goes to about two thirds depth into the court. You should do the same thing on the other sideline. You'll be left with two rectangle zones along the sidelines that are about 20 feet long and 3 feet wide. These are your "sharp sideline" zones.

The deep corner zones should then be about 6 feet by 3 feet or 2 meters by 1 meter.

The deep corners are going to be worth one point. The sharp side lines are worth two because those are more aggressive swings, and if they hit it in the middle of the court where defense is going to be, then that's worth one for the opponent, the coaches side, my side. If the offense makes any hitting error (in the net or out of bounds) then it's going to be worth three for the coach's side.

This drill basically has an imaginary team that can only be beat by accurate hits.

The attacking team's job is to make good decisions and create fixing sets. As a coach, I'm also forcing them to play the first ball with one arm because I want to work in some transition trouble sets.

I'm going to feed them, they have to use one arm for their pass, the first touch, and then they have to go for the correct shot. We'll see it for a couple of points here on this video.


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