Beach Volleyball Drills for Hitting: Improve Your Attack Vision with this Pepper Drill


Beach Volleyball Drills for Hitting with Vision: 3-Person Vision Pepper

This morning we were working on a lot of hitting vision, so we're going to show you a pepper exercise. This is three-person pepper. Like almost every pepper session, we are still using a dig set, hit, repeat sequence. The middle person is going to be the setter.

Here is where this beach volleyball hitting drill  gets a little complicated..

After the set, the person who is about to play defense is just going to leave their hands up high by their face or down in a natural defensive position.

It's important not to reach all the way up or like your hand is raised in a class room. Make the signals subtle and keep your positions game-like. Your hands can just be in a "high five" position next to your face or in a "low five" position in front of your hips and thighs.

The hitter's job is to get to the set first. In this drills the hitter has to get their feet to the ball before they look for the signal. Once the hitter gets to where  the ball is going to land, they can look for the signal.

Find the high or low sign and then deliver the high or low ball according to the sign. This hitting drill should be continuous in the end but if your a beginner or intermediate player, it's ok to start by just having the defender catch and restart the sequence.


As you're watching this hitting drill in the video, take special notice of the players eye sequence and how it correlates with their footwork. In the beginning of the video, the players are looking a little bit too early and then they're trying to get to the ball. As we progress and we get better as attackers, you want to make sure you get your feet to the ball first and that's the moment that you have liberty to look. That ensures that you get your feet in place first and then look at the defense so that you can attack.

If you switch this order, if you look for the sign and then get to the ball, you won't have good feet to ball and you're going to end up out of your hitting position.

I also want you to notice the player on the right, he is getting a pretty good look but he's using his entire head and body to look. It's going to be easier to get that glance at the court if you can just look through the bottom of your eyelashes instead of an entire head bob. That is going to keep you in a smoother rhythm for your approach. If you can keep the defense and the ball in one picture at all times so that one or the other is in your peripheral, you're going to have a better sense of the court and where the defense is. Try not to use a full head bob. Just see if you can drop your eyes as much as possible without moving your head.


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