Beach Volleyball Drills for Ball Control: 6 Guns


6 Guns – 3 Versions

One of our favorite drills to warm up with is 6 Guns. This drill is basically a test of who can react faster and do so cleanly and accurately.


V1: Speed Pepper

We can initiate it with a Pepper where we pass, hit, set and spike low and fast and we're trying to test the edge of our partners speed limit

So if we end up controlling this without accelerating, then we're going to get a little too comfortable. We want you to move in an uncomfortable speed where you're really testing your ability to react.

V2: Handcuff

The next version of 6 Guns that we have is called the Handcuff 6 Guns. It means you're only able to Pass or Tomahawk. Make sure your hands never come apart and basically you're trying to tap your partner in the face, the nose, or the legs, or get it by them to the point where they can't react.

V3: One-Handed

Our next version of 6 Guns involves just using one hand and being able to use it in all different shapes and ways so that it's available defensively, and then in terms of ball control.

If we're only locked into forearm passes and handsets, we're not taking advantage of our body. We need to have everything available. If you got a shoulder injury or surgery, this is this is a great drill for you. You're going to keep one hand behind you, and being able to operate all around yourself using only one hand, just to open up a little bit of range defensively, and in terms of all any formation you want; Pokey, Slaps, Backhands, Forearms are fine, just make sure you can keep the ball alive.

Obviously, you can also do it with your left hand. Maybe you're going to be significantly worse with your non-dominant side, but we encourage doing it so that you can open up more windows for yourself.



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