Beach Volleyball Drills for Advanced Players: Over the Net Pepper

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This beach volleyball drill is a favorite of Todd Rogers. And if it's a favorite of his, it should be a favorite of yours. He's an Olympic gold medalist. When the man speaks, you listen. 

He spoke about this drill at the 2019 AVCA Coaches Convention in Pittsburgh, Pa., telling the crowd of a few hundred or so that every single practice he did with Phil Dalhausser began with over the net pepper. Every single one! 

If you don't know much about the duo, allow me to explain why this is so relevant: They are one of the most dominant teams in the history of beach volleyball. They won an Olympic gold medal in 2008. Twice, they won double-digit AVP tournaments in a single season. They were the best team in the world. 

And they did over the net pepper every day. 

So should you. 

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Over the Net Pepper

SKILL FOCUS: Ball Control - Setting




STYLE: Repetition Based

DRILL EXPLANATION: Over the net pepper is exactly what it sounds like: You have two teams peppering with each other in a cooperative fashion. It is initiated with a controlled hit to the angle of Team A. Team A will then pass, set, and hit in a controlled fashion down the line of Team B. Team B then passes, sets, and hits in a controlled fashion to the other angle of Team A. 

Do this for five minutes and you'll have an excellent warm up, a good cardio workout, and dozens of great touches. 


This is a tiring drill, and it's easy to get lazy. Keep those feet moving on all three aspects of the game: move the feet to the pass, move your feet to the set, approach hard to the ball. Keep your swings controlled -- there is no need to bounce these balls. It's a warm-up and touch-based drill. This isn't for The Gram, ok?

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Transcript of the above beach volleyball video

Hey guys. Our next drill is a basic drill that almost every professional team does. It's a cross court over the net pepper. Basically, we're positioning to defenders and attackers diagonally from each other. And we're going to dig, set and hit diagonally to the other team.

We'd like to do this cooperative so that you can go for a series of time or repetitions in a row. Just make sure you're getting your foot work going, getting yourself nice and warm and being able to jump high and snap with some accuracy of the other team, you can also do this line to line so that you're going to parallel and you can do it diagonal from both sides so that our left sides get work.

There's a lot of options with this drill, but just make sure you're getting the footwork there: dig a nice ball, set a nice ball, and then snap at the other team accurately. You can do this jumping or standing depending on how warm you are or what time do you have in your practice. 

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