Beach Volleyball Defense Drill: Four Steps to Paradise


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Defense is desire. You've heard that phrase, right? If not, do yourself a favor and watch this clip from Remember the Titans, because if you weren't ready to play defense before, well, you will be now. 

Defense in beach volleyball is similar to defense in many other sports: It's all about desire. How bad do you want it? Lebron James wouldn't have his infamous full-court chasedown block in game seven of the NBA finals without desire. 

In beach volleyball, we don't need to do a full-court chasedown block -- but you do have to want it. It's why we designed this drill: Four Steps to Paradise. 

It's a defensive drill for beach volleyball that also involves a fair amount of conditioning. You're going to get lots of reps, and you're also going to get plenty of reps when you're a little tired -- similar to how it'll be in a match. 

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Here's how it's done:

A defender is going to be placed in the angle, in a normal setup as if his blocker were calling line. There will be two hitters, one at each antenna. The defender will get hit at diagonally. After digging, he'll get to the next position by taking four steps (Crossover-Push-Plant-Plant) to the other diagonal. Those are the four steps to paradise. 

We're each going for ten digs in a row before you swap out for the next defender -- getting you plenty of reps and an elevated heart rate. 

Which is no problem if you have desire. That's what defense is, right? And if you want your legs to be as strong and fast as possible, check out our 60-day strength and conditioning program, which will have you digging more balls, running down more high lines, jumping higher, and hitting harder -- we guarantee it. 


DRILL NAME: Four Steps to Paradise

SKILL FOCUS: Defensive Footwork & Digging




STYLE: Repetition Based

DRILL EXPLANATION: Players 1,2, and 3 will all be on the South side of the net.  Player 1 is in the court facing the net. Players 2 and 3 are at each antenna facing endline’s diagonal corner.  

Player 1 is working on digging the ball in the cross court defense position looking at the diagonal hitter, and then completing a 4 step process to get to the next digging spot.  The steps should be crossover, step, plant, plant.

  1. Player 2 hits a ball at Player 1.
  2. Player 1 completes footwork to get to next position.
  3. Player 3 hits a ball at Player 1.
  4. Player 1 completes footwork to get to next position.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until defender digs 10 balls.
  6. Rotate Positions.
  7. Repeat Steps 1-5.


  • Get Stopped
  • Hands out in front
  • Dig higher that the antenna
  • 4 Steps to next position. (Crossover, Step, Plant, Plant)


While this drill can be considered a conditioning drill, it is important to practice the proper footwork! This is not a coach on 1, where the defender is just running around to get tired.  You need to concentrate on the correct footwork on every single movement. Movement>Conditioning.

These 4 steps should get you into a position where you DO NOT need to move in order to dig a hard driven ball.  You of course will need to react to the hit, but you should be completely stopped after your 4 steps. It is a common tendency to get “stopped” and then add in some small steps to get situated.  Try to eliminate these extra steps.

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