Beach Volleyball Attacking Course: Spiking a Hard Cross


Today we're all about the hard cross in beach volleyball. This free training video shows you how to master this vital attack move on the beach volleyball court. AVP pros Brandon Joyner and Mark Burik take you through every jump, step and swing so you can spike the volleyball high and hard. 

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Hey guys, the video that you're about to watch is an example of one of our beach volleyball lessons from our attacking course, which will be coming out soon. We have a lot of different lessons that are built into this course that will teach you all different types of skills that we think you need in order to become the best attacker possible. 

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Next, the most popular attack that we would like to do and it's the most fun, is our Hard Cross spike. Whenever we're thinking about hitting hard cross, we're not trying to trick a defender into thinking we're doing something else. So when you are approaching the net using your four-step approach, after you have jumped and you've gone through that arm swing and you've drawn that bow and arrow, the next step is to follow through and swing at the volleyball. One of the most important things about hitting hard cross in beach volleyball s making sure that you are still trying to hit deep. If you notice that you are taping balls or if you're hitting balls into the net, then most likely what you're doing is you are trying to swing too hard at that ball, which we talked about in the arm swing video as well. Make sure that when you are going up to swing, you have your left shoulder pointing to the deep left corner of the volleyball court, which will allow you to throw your arm just like you're throwing a baseball to that opposite corner. If you concentrate on hitting this ball quick and fast and deep, then you're going to set yourself up for the best attack possible. We hope you enjoyed this free bach volleyball training video. Please consider supporting these training videos with a subscription to one of our beach volleyball courses. We have quality training programs for beach volleyball players at every skill level. 

Hope to see you soon on the sand!


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