Basic Setting Drill: Pass Set Set Set Catch


Guess what everyone? The beaches are open! I repeat: The beaches are open! Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Huntington Beach, Redondo Beach -- yep, all open. You can put up a volleyball net anywhere you want. Good news, however: For this beach volleyball drill, you don't need a net. You don't even need two full teams, though it certainly wouldn't hurt. 

All you need to become a better setter in beach volleyball is a ball, an open mind ready to learn, and a partner. The more the merrier, of course, but for now, two will do just fine -- and you're not even breaking any old Covid-19 rules if you keep it to within the people in your household. Everyone wins. 

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Here is a Basic Setting Drill for all you coaches and players. This can be done on one side of the net with 2-6 Players. Always come from a serve receive position as the initial setter and make sure that each set attempt is an effort to create a set that is the perfect distance and height for your offense. Remember to reset your spacing after the first set so that you can use your footwork pattern for the second set. You can also advance this to a continuous drill by making the CATCH into a FREE BALL so that we have some live passing as well.

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Transcript from the video above: 

Hey what's up guys? it's Mark Burik.

Today we have a setting drill. It's called ‘Pass-Set-Set-Set-Catch’.

So, we have one passer at the back, he's going to give us a nice pass ball to target. On this video, Paul's going to pass this ball front middle and we got three sets after that. Brian sets perfect, Ceto sets perfect, Brian sets one more perfect, then catch and rotate. And we start again.

Trying to keep every set perfect. Trying to keep us about three feet off the net so we're in a good hitting zone. It's a great four-man drill. You can use it with five or six players as well.


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