AVP Professional Mark Burik breaks down serving with junior beach volleyball player

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One of the most formidable aspects of AVP pro, and Better at Beach CEO Mark Burik, beach volleyball skill sets is his serve. He has so many different types of serves it's a little difficult to count: jump serve, standing float, jump float, jump serve with side spin, jump serve with no spin. It's difficult for any player, at any level, to be comfortable passing, especially since he makes virtually every one look the same. 

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As such, he's one of the best coaches and mentors in beach volleyball when it comes to serving. It's why players of all levels come to him for video or in-person analysis to help them with serving, which is, as Reid Priddy once described it, "the best defense you can have." 

It doesn't matter if your blocking is a little off, or your digs aren't consistent, so long as you're serving aces. It's the easiest, fastest way to earn points in beach volleyball. If you're interested in scheduling a one-on-one session with Burik, he'd LOVE to work with you. Just click this link to schedule one today! And if you're in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, or anywhere in the South Bay, we'd love to have you drop by one of our beach volleyball classes. 

Below is a sample of one of Burik's 1 on 1 Video Analysis sessions with a junior member. Watch and take notes -- you can learn from every player of any age! -- and pick up valuable beach volleyball tips along the way. Little sessions like these are great first steps to winning your first beach volleyball tournament. 


Our Complete Serve Receive course starts at the bottom and takes you all the way to the top. Whether you are a true beginner, or you've been playing for decades, this course will offer you a chance to build and re-build your basics and take the next jump. Take the time to follow the course and do the drills. We guarantee you are going to Get Better at Beach! 

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We also show you how to use the various types of standing float serves as well as jump floats, jump spikes and skyballs! Each serve should be used against certain types of players! Once inside the membership, you’ll be able to unlock “Power, Accuracy and Aces: The Serving Master Class" which will build you an arsenal of more strategic, more accurate, more powerful serves from the ground up. It comes complete with rehab protocol, gym exercises you need to increase arm speed, solo drills you can do at home, partner drills, accuracy exercises and elite throwing and hitting drills.

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