AVP & FIVB Beach Volleyball Defense Highlights: 93 Digs in 9 Minutes

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Want to learn how to run down a high line? How to dig a scud missile of a swing? How to chicken wing? One-armed stabby? Pick up a cut shot? Roof a guy who's way bigger than you? Joust? Run down a jumbo? Get a guy with a fake? 
The list of defensive maneuvers is, legitimately, endless. But the video below is not! We boiled down 93 digs into a nine-minute video. So if you're the type of player who learns best from watching the best, this is an excellent tutorial for how to play defense in beach volleyball. 
Watch as Mark Burik and Piotr Marciniak battle with Theo Brunner and John Hyden at AVP Seattle. Carry on as Burik and Ian Satterfield slug it out with Maddison and Riley McKibbin at AVP Huntington Beach. Still in want for some more digs? Burik and Satterfield have a good match with Steve Roschitz and Pete Connole at the AVP Manhattan Beach Open. 

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Still looking? Burik and Satterfield play Bill Kolinske and Miles Evans at the famed Laguna Beach Open on center court -- one of the best venues in beach volleyball. Their match against Billy Allen and Stafford Slick, at the AVP Huntington Beach Open, follows, which means that in nine minutes, you'll be exposed to some of the best defenders this country has to offer. 
There is the long and gritty defense of Evans, the stoic and consistent dig machine that is Billy Allen, the Texas swagger of Roschitz, the wily veteran who is John Hyden, the physical presence of Riley McKibbin, and, of course, yours truly, Mark Burik. 

Enjoy, and try to pick up on a few things by watching. Look for the positioning, where the defenders start. How early they make their moves. How they dig the hard driven balls and how they're on their toes to chase down the shots. Note the differences, too, as every defender in beach volleyball has his or her own style. All of these defenders have their own unique flair. See what works for you, whether it's Hyden outsmarting the offense, or Evans simply working harder, or Allen trusting his blocker and never cheating. 

Better at Beach presents a compilation of AVP and FIVB matches from the 2019 season featuring beach volleyball pros in action. 

Experience 93 awesome digs in less than 9 minutes.

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