How to go from amateur beach volleyball to pro player in NO TIME

When AVP and FIVB beach volleyball players and coaches watch film, we hunt for tendencies, weaknesses, strategical flaws and opportunities to win. In any player tent, you'll see players studying film from past matches so they can keep tabs on what they have been working on AND exploit other teams. If you have never seen yourself play a full match, you are missing out. You might THINK you are doing something correctly but then you see the replay and... uh oh. Gyms have mirrors. Writers have drafts and editors. Athletes have video analysis.

In this video, I teach Bryce how to win more points using some simple strategy and key points that can take his game to the next level. I'm SURE this quick video session will help your game get better too! Sign Up for your own Video Analysis just like Bryce did and see for yourself what you can learn from a professional beach volleyball player.



Beach volleyball pro Mark Burik talks about Defense in this 1-on-1 video analysis session with our junior member. Watch it and enjoy! 

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