Advanced Beach Volleyball Passing Concepts: Lift the Ball with VolleyCamp Hermosa and Mark Burik


Hey guys! do you think your beach volleyball passing could get better? I do. Do you think that you have a terrible setter? Do you have any friends who always blame their setter? Maybe it's your passing.

Today we're going to talk about passing higher, making sure that you're lifting the ball enough and getting your setter the time they need to give you the perfect set so that you can side-out. The better passer you become, the further in your tournament you can go and hopefully you can start winning those tournaments.

So, here's something that I say all the time at practices with all of my players. The word that I say most when people are passing is "lift." I am trying to encourage my passers to pass higher. A lot of people think that high is going to mean a sky ball - something that gets out of control. That's not what I mean.

When we're talking about lifting, we're talking about giving your setter the ability to walk or move comfortably underneath the set and be able to deliver a comfortable hand or bump set. For the video example, I'm going to pass it at a height that we'd like to play at.  Justin's going to act as a normal setter and he’s going to set up and down.

Notice that the volleyball is going about maybe three or four balls above the antenna. I can pass this middle and Justin is able to set up good footwork, but if I start passing the ball low to the same location you'll see that he's going to have to rush a little bit more, so I'll keep it under the antenna and pass the same location.

Okay now that's the same path, same location and I got that ball about one ball above the antenna. But what if I passed at that height and I'm not automatic, because there's a tough server on the other side. So he's putting a lot of pressure on me, now maybe I make a mistake one way but I passed at the same height. Now he's running, sprinting through a back set. If I make a mistake but passing at a good game height, so it sets out a system but he still has time to get through with it.

Now we get a lot of arguments that come from the wind side of the game. Yeah, we are going to have to pass a little bit lower in the wind. We're going to have to set a little bit lower in the wind so that we can develop more control, because once the wind takes control of a non-spinning ball, it’s going to move back and forth, right? It's going to wiggle. However, you don't want to learn to play like this all the time because when we're in wind, we're not comfortable. There's something else acting on us that we need to fight against. We need to have a good base system that we're going to play with a little bit more every day, and when the wind comes, we need to learn how to play wind ball. But when we're in everyday ball, we’d want to have nice comfortable passing rhythm. Passing about four balls above the antenna is not a sky ball, and I said there's plenty of time to walk under it and handset or hit on two over the net.

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