Volleyball Workouts: 11 Shoulder Exercises for Beach Volleyball in 1 Minute


So often, I’m asked questions about the best ways to warm up or workout for beach volleyball. Professionals have extensive warm up routines that armor their joints and work on their weaknesses. If you’ve been anywhere near a volleyball court in your life, you’ve seen somebody rubbing and rotating their hitting shoulder while their face winces in pain. Even after you've learned how to how to hit a volleyball properly, you can still experience some pain and injuries.


Why are shoulder exercises so important for beach volleyball players?

Injuries in beach usually develop because of muscular imbalances. Micro-tears in your muscle fibers develop into scar tissue when they aren’t given time to heal properly. If you’re pushing your body to the max, that just becomes a part of the game. BUT, when a muscle becomes less pliable, other muscles take over for it and these compensations have a tendency to build on top of each other.

Don’t ignore the imbalances and weaknesses. What’s better? Taking an extra 5 minutes before each volleyball bout OR being laid up for 8 weeks recovering from a big injury and losing your season.

If you’ve come to a professional beach volleyball event in the last decade, you’ll notice every player sporting some sort of exercise with an elastic band. I personally carry one long open-ended band that I can wrap multiple times for added resistance.



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Starting proper shoulder care warm-ups and exercises at a young age helps cut down on injuries in the short and long term. Shoulder health is important for everyone. A little diligence and resistance band goes a long way!




The video below shows you 11 creative ways to use a small closed resistance band to strengthen and protect your shoulder joints. This band is normally used for glute/hip exercises but is a great shoulder sub when you have nothing else. Try them out and let me know how it goes. Protect your shoulders and play injury free for years!



Make sure to do each shoulder exercise for at least 30 Seconds. They are easy at first but if you do each one for 30-45 seconds with no rest, you will FEEL THE BURN! A lot of players get through “pre-hab” and rehab exercises without actually testing their endurance. Remember, your body will find the easiest pathways first so your gross motor neuron pathways will take over in the beginning. It’s important to get to a level of muscle fatigue that exposes your weaker muscles.

These exercises work as a GREAT shoulder warm up before volleyball practices and matches. They also armor your joints during the off season.

If you can’t remember them, just take your phone to the beach or the gym and play this video!

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