Build Your Pre-Serve Routine

Use this questionnaire to discover your best game winning posture and frame of mind.

Once we do that, we can develop your routine so you can become more consistent. This will be crucial in your path to becoming a consistent, confident and lethal server.

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Question 1 of 9

Write down the tournament or match where you played your absolute best? It can be any sport. What year was it? What beach? 

Question 2 of 9

What mood were you in? (angry, calm, happy, goofy, urgent, something else?)

Question 3 of 9

Describe your facial expression during this match.

Question 4 of 9

Describe your posture during this match.

Question 5 of 9

Can you think of anything you were telling yourself during this match? Write it down.

Question 6 of 9

What personal or coach serving cues have worked for you in the past?

Write down 3-5 serving keys. These should be 5 words or less.

Question 7 of 9

Write one sentence, phrase or word  that you will you tell yourself before EVERY single serve from now on. You can choose your base mantra OR you can choose something that reminds you of your best serving cue.

Feel free to write different cues or mantras specific to float serves or jump spike serves.

Question 8 of 9

Write down a physical sequence you can do before every serve.

Do you pick up sand and pour it out of your hands?

Do you spin the ball? How many times?

Do you grip the seams of the ball in a certain way?

Do you raise the ball above your head or present it in front of you?

When do you breathe in / breathe out?

You have to write this as if you were coaching someone to look exactly like you before you serve but without getting to show them.

If you have several types of serves, write in the details of each serve but don’t change too much. The point of this is to get your internal environment into a controlled, consistent space.



Question 9 of 9

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